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Version 4.2.1 - January 2012
Product DescriptionProduct Description
This interface between DIGIMAT and Moldex3D enables you to import in Digimat-CAE per element fiber orientation data, predicted by Moldex 3D, for nonlinear multi-scale FEA.

Key FeaturesKey Features
Digimat-CAE/Moldex3D allows the user to import in Digimat-CAE the fiber orientation data predicted by Moldex3D, for DIGIMAT-based multi-scale FEA. In addition to this, initial stresses and/or temperature can also be imported in the DIGIMAT-base multi-scale FEA using MAP.

Digimat-CAE/Moldex3D interface enables to:
  • Read in the 2nd order orientation tensors predicted by Moldex3D analyses for each element.
  • Use this information to compute the thermo-mechanical properties for the underlying composite.

Reference Customers                   Reference Customers
  • DIGIMAT is a powerful tool that is giving us a new insight into our composite polymers. Its ability to model thermal expansion as a function of temperature, for instance, has been instrumental in understanding some subtle mechanism of warpage of injection molded parts. Vito Leo, Principal Scientist, Solvay Advanced Polymers

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