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Version 4.2.1 - January 2012

The DIGIMAT interface to Simulayt offers to DIGIMAT users the capability to bridge the gap between the draping process and the performances of structural parts made of continuous fiber reinforced composites.

Product DescriptionProduct Description
Thanks to Simulayt, the draping process is simulated such that the variation of the fiber alignment occurring during the process is predicted for each ply of the stacking sequence.

The DIGIMAT interface to Simulayt consists in supporting the Simulayt fiber orientation file format when executing structural FEA with any of your preferred CAE solver. This means you can fully account for the local, per-ply, fiber alignment in order to compute most accurately the local, nonlinear, anisotropic, strain-rate and/or thermal dependent material behavior of the composite.

Key featuresKey features
The interface to Simulayt reads in the theta and phi angles describing the per-layer fiber alignment and computes the local anisotropic nonlinear response of the composite properties accordingly.

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