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Version 4.2.1 - January 2012
The interface between DIGIMAT and LS-DYNA offers LS-DYNA users the capability to perform accurate explicit FEA of composite structures where Digimat-MF is used to model the nonlinear, anisotropic and rate-dependent behavior of the composite material.
Product DescriptionProduct Description
Digimat-CAE/LS-Dyna is the interface that strongly couples Digimat-MF to LS-DYNA via the USER DEFINED MATERIAL capability.

Digimat-MF is provided as a software library that is linked to LS-DYNA to offer a strong multi-scale coupling between the nonlinear micromechanical material modeling capabilities of Digimat-MF and the nonlinear explicit FEA capabilities of LS-DYNA.

In this configuration, Digimat-MF acts as an advanced anisotropic, nonlinear and rate-dependent user defined material at each relevant integration point of LS-DYNA FE mesh.

Key FeaturesKey Features
  • Accurate Failure Prediction:
- Micro (matrix and/or fibers) & macro failure indicators
- Failure indicators can be strain rate dependent

  • Accurate Micromechanical Material Modeling:
- Anisotropic: dependent on the microstructure morphology
- Nonlinear: elasto-plastic, with possibly continuous damage
- Strain rate dependent: viscoelastic, elasto-viscoplastic and viscoelastic-viscoplastic matrix
- Temperature dependent: thermoelastic materials

  • Accurate Nonlinear Multi-Scale Structure Modeling:
- Heterogeneous material: Anisotropic properties are a function of the local microstructure morphology

  • Efficient & User Friendly Solution Procedure:
- Streamlined multi-scale modeling procedure
- Intuitive graphical user interface

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