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Digimat-MF is the Mean-Field homogenization software used to predict the nonlinear constitutive behavior of multi-phase composite materials.

Product description

Digimat-MF is the Mean-Field homogenization module of Digimat which offers the capability to define the local material behavior as a function of the material behavior of:

1. the matrix and inclusion phases
2. the composite microstructure morphology (inclusions weight, shape and size)

Digimat-MF is a user-friendly micromechanical material modeling software where the user inputs the material behavior of the phases, the microstructure description and the loading applied to the resulting multi-phase material, guided by a tree data structure.

Key capabilities

Material Models

- Linear Thermo-Elastic
- Thermo-Elasto-Plastic
- Cyclic Elasto-Plastic
- Linear Visco-elastic
- Elasto-Viscoplastic
- Hyperelastic
- Neo-Hookean

Microstructure Morphology

- Number of reinforcing phases: N>1
- Reinforcement shape: ellipsoids of revolution
- Orientation
- Void inclusions
- Coated inclusions with relative and absolute thickness
- Rigid or quasi-rigid inclusions

Homogenization Methods

- Mori-Tanaka
- Interpolative double inclusion
- 1st and 2nd order homogenization schemes
- Multi-step, multi-level

Isotropic Extraction Methods

- General
- Spectral
- Modified spectral


- Thermo-Mechanical
- Multi-axial stress or strain
- Monotonic or Cyclic
- Imposed or provided from FEA

Failure Indicators:

- Applied at micro (phase) and/or macro (composite) scale
- Failure models: Max stress/Max strain, Tsai-Hill 2D & 3D, Azzi-Tsai-Hill 2D, Tsai-Wu 2D & 3D, Hashin-Rotem 2D, Hashin 2D & 3D

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