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e-Xstream offers the aerospace industry the technology and expertise to considerably reduce the cost and time needed to develop innovative and higher quality composite materials and structures.

Product description

Digimat is a predictive software platform aimed at modeling the linear and nonlinear behaviors of multi-phase materials such as Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastics (CFRP), honeycomb sandwich structures, short fiber reinforced thermoplastics or any other multi-phase material used in aerospace applications.

Airplane, space craft manufacturer and their suppliers use Digimat to study the thermo-mechanical behavior of material lab samples and predict the influence of the material microstructure on the part end performance. Material suppliers can also use Digimat to develop advanced materials and support the needs of their customers in the optimal use of those materials.

Targeted materials & applications


- Structural parts
- Interior parts
- Engine parts
- Satellite antennas
- Etc.

Honeycomb sandwich structures

- Structural parts
- Interior parts
- Engine covers
- Etc.


- Aircraft tires
- Anti-vibration systems
- Fluid transfer hoses
- Seals
- Etc.


- Brakes
- Etc.

Hard metals

- Landing gear
- Etc.

Targeted performances

- Structural stiffness
- Vibration frequencies and modes
- Damage under cyclic loading
- Failure under quasi-static loading
- Failure under crash loading
- Shape stability (large temperature gradients)
- Etc.

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Thermo-mechanical analysis of a parabola. Courtesy of ESA/ESTEC
FE model of parabola. Courtesy of ESA/ESTEC



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