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Material SuppliersMaterial Suppliers

e-Xstream offers material suppliers the technology and industry expertise they need to reduce the cost and time needed to develop innovative and higher quality materials and structures.
Process DescriptionProcess Description
Material suppliers use e-Xstream technology and Digimat material modeling expertise to:

  1. 1. Develop innovative materials and the corresponding market and applications;
  2. 2. Better understand and optimize the behavior of existing grades;
  3. 3. Support the modeling needs of their customers across the industries: automotive, aerospace, consumer electronics, industrial goods, …
Digimat-MF & Digimat-FE are used to predict the thermo-mechanical behavior of a material “point” as a function of the underlying microstructure as defined by:

  1. 1. The thermo-mechanical behavior of the constitutive phases (i.e. matrix and inclusions)
  2. 2. The microstructure morphology (e.g. fiber weight fraction, length and orientation).
Digimat-CAE is used to predict the behavior of the parts using these materials across the industries.

Reference CustomersReference Customers
  • Digimat is a powerful tool that is giving us a new insight into our composite polymers. Its ability to model thermal expansion as a function of temperature, for instance, has been instrumental in understanding some subtle mechanism of warpage of injection molded parts. Vito Leo, Principal Scientist, Solvay Advanced Polymers
  • We believe in the incorporation of fiber orientation from flow simulations into a structural simulation package like Abaqus. Digimat is the absolute front runner in that. It is not only a trend but an absolute necessity to make simulations of intrinsically anisotropic material like glass fiber reinforced thermoplastics more realistic and to increase their predictive power, Dr. H. van Melick, Global CAE manager DSM Engineering Plastics

Target Materials & ApplicationsTarget Materials & Applications


  • Glass fiber reinforced thermoplastics
  • Carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastics
  • Carbon fiber reinforced thermosets
  • Etc.


  • Graphite
  • Carbon-Carbon composites

Thermoplastic Elastomers


  • Carbon black filled rubber
  • Silica filled rubber
  • Short fiber reinforced rubber
  • Etc.

Sandwich panels

  • Skins
              - Aluminum
              - Multi-layered composites
  • Core
              - Honeycomb (Nomex®)
              - Foam
  • Cemented Carbides
              - CoWC
Targeted PerformancesTargeted Performances

  •  Stiffness
  •  Strength
  •  Energy (Impact) absorption
  •  Fatigue resistance
  •  Low warpage
  •  Low density
  •  Long-term stability
  •  Moisture absorption
  •  Etc.                                                

Related Materials and ProductsRelated Materials and Products
2D cross-section of FE mesh for RVE with monodispersed spherical inclusions surrounded by coating.
2D cross-section of FE solution for RVE with polydispersed inclusions.


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