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Training CoursesTraining Courses

e-Xstream engineering provides a complete training service with its software package to help its customers successfully use DIGIMAT material modeling tools. General DIGIMAT trainings are organized regularly in Europe, USA and Asia. 

The training offer includes Started and Advanced Levels targeting Material Engineers (I.e. focus on Digimat-MF, Digimat-FE and Digimat-MX) and Structural Engineers (i.e.  Focus on Digimat to CAE and Digimat-MX). 

These training courses are a combination of presentations and live product demos followed by practical hands-on sessions. They aim at answering the users' questions and also include the best practices on how to use DIGIMAT new capabilities.

e-Xstream engineering also offers customized training, 100% tailored to the customers' specific needs. A typical customized training lasts 2 to 3 days and usually organized at the customer site. These trainings are a combination of theory, product presentation followed by an assisted hands-on sessions. A specific time is also dedicated to technology transfer and to setting up customer specific models.

To learn about the coming DIGIMAT training sessions, please view the training schedule. For any additional information about our training services or for a training 100% tailored to your specific material and structure modeling needs please contact support@e-Xstream.com

Basic Training Content and ObjectivesBasic Training Content and Objectives
The basic training aims at providing you with the information you need to:
  • Define and analyze a reinforced material in DIGIMAT-MF using linear thermo-elastic and non-linear elasto-plastic material models
  • Include micromechanical models defined above within a multi-scale analyses using DIGIMAT to CAE (Abaqus, ANSYS, LS-DYNA, SAMCEF or PAM-CRASH)
  • Apply the multi-scale modeling process to reinforced plastics parts taking into account the fiber orientation predicted by Injection Molding Software (Moldflow, Moldex3D, Sigmasoft)
This training will give you the opportunity to:
  • Have a first hands-on understanding and experience with linear and nonlinear multi-scale modeling with DIGIMAT
  • Learn more about the latest DIGIMAT capabilities
# Title
DIG101 Digimat Introductory Training - Structural Engineering
DIG102 Digimat Introductory Training - Material Engineering
DIG103 Digimat Introductory Training - Material & Structural Engineering
DIG120 Digimat Standard Training - Material & Structural Engineering
DIG201 Digimat Standard Training - Structural Engineering
DIG202 Digimat Standard Training - Material Engineering

Advanced Training Content and Objectives Advanced Training Content and Objectives
The advanced training aims at providing existing DIGIMAT users with in-depth information concerning:
  • Nonlinear and rate dependent material modeling;
  • Continuous damage and failure;
  • Performance Optimization of implicit & explicit (Crash) DIGIMAT to CAE analyses;
  • Apply the multi-scale modeling process to reinforced plastic parts.
This training will give you the opportunity to:
  • Acquire an in-depth understanding of the latest DIGIMAT capabilities;
  • Take full advantage of DIGIMAT capabilities for a more predictive modeling of reinforced materials and structures.
To participate to the advanced training you must first follow the basic training or have an equivalent experience with DIGIMAT.

# Title
DIG301 Digimat Advanced Training - Aerospace Application
DIG325 Digimat Advanced Training - Electrical/Electronic Application
DIG340 Digimat Advanced Training - Automotive Application
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