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Users' MeetingUsers' Meeting

2013 Digimat Users' Meeting, Oct 8-10, Liège (BE)2013 Digimat Users' Meeting, Oct 8-10, Liège (BE)

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We invite you to meet Digimat experts in Liège on October 8-10, 2013 at the 6th Digimat Users' Meeting. For this year's meeting we will be back to Belgium where e-Xstream was founded 10 years ago.

Please join us to celebrate 10 years of continuous success and to learn more about the latest advances in the nonlinear multi-scale modeling of chopped and continuous fiber composites.

Meeting Overview

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2012 Digimat Users' Meeting, Oct 2-4, Amsterdam (NL) - Highlights2012 Digimat Users' Meeting, Oct 2-4, Amsterdam (NL) - Highlights
This 5th edition reached great success and marked a milestone in e-Xstream's history.

This year meeting welcomed over 140 worldwide composite eXperts concerned about the latest breakthroughs in materials innovation. During this 2-day conference, participants learned about  Digimat 5.0 new features (release June 2013) and its unique Holistic Approach for Multi-Scale Material & Structure Modeling.

Digimat Uniqueness to Address Composites Simulation Challenges
Keynote speaker, Dr Jean-Pierre Lombard from Safran Composites and Digimat experts presented best-in-class technical papers covering wide range of industries needs for advanced material simulation and resulting Digimat innovative applications: from simulating automotive high-performance reinforced plastic parts, modeling continuous fiber composites for light-weighted aerospace structures to designing spinal disc implants with short fiber reinforced peek.

Acquisition of e-Xstream by MSC Software
On the corporate side, Dominic Gallello, President & CEO of MSC Software, announced the acquisition of e-Xstream engineering. By joining forces with MSC, e-Xstream will reinforce its worldwide leadership in the area of advanced materials and composite simulation, whilst keeping on supporting engineers in the simulation process of advanced materials for innovative and predictive designs using MSC's or any other CAE solution. Read the press release article.

We thank our community for their constant support and look forward to seeing you all at the 2013 Digimat Users' Meeting celebrating e-Xstream's 10th anniversary!

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Digimat Users' Meeting 2011, Oct 10-12, Munich (GE) - Highlights
Digimat Users' Meeting 2011, Oct 10-12, Munich (GE) - Highlights

The 2011 Digimat Users’ Meeting is over and we are e-Xstreamly motivated by its tremendous success!
For this 4th edition of The Material Modeling Conference, more then 125 international experts across the industries, research centers and academies joined the meeting to learn and exchange about the latest breakthroughs on composite modeling technologies.

Attendees enjoyed 2-days of highly technical presentations from a large panel of speakers featuring: Trelleborg Automotive, L&L Products, Solvay, General Motors, Rhodia, DSM, Toyota, Basell Poliolefine, Hexcel, ISEMP, Julius Blum, Bremen university, Fraunhofer IPA, Patras University, …

The winner of the Best Paper Award is Mr Ludovic Chauvet for his remarkable presentation on the Design and validation of an engine mount with PA6.6 - 50% SGF.  
In addition to users’ presentations, the conference also highlighted the:
  • New capabilities of DIGIMAT Version 4.2
  • RFE Initiatives; Robust, Fast and Easy
  • R&D ongoing projects
  • New partnerships for fatigue of composite and material characterization
The emblematic BMW Welt hosted the Gala Evening, combining innovative engineering with gastronomy and musical entertainment.

All the team is more energized than ever by the great support of the Digimat community.

Thank you for attending the Digimat Conference. We hope to see you next year!

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Digimat Users' Meeting 2010- Oct 5-7, Luxembourg - Highlights
Digimat Users' Meeting 2010- Oct 5-7, Luxembourg - Highlights

By bringing together more than 110 experts in advanced material modeling and numerical simulation methods, the 3rd edition of the Digimat Users' Meeting confirms the importance for material suppliers, OEMs and Tier suppliers around the world to improve the material behavior understanding to quicker and cheaper develop optimal end-product performances.

During the 2-days conference, over 30 presentations from Digimat users, developers and partners have demonstrated that Digimat state-of-the-art material modeling platform is the industry standard to predict the accurate nonlinear multi-scale behavior of composite materials and structures.

The 2010 edition of the Digimat Users' Meeting which took place in Luxembourg, the second home country of e-Xstream engineering, highlighted the following topics:
  • New capabilities of Digimat 4.1.1 and beyond
  • Accurate modeling of reinforced plastics, rubber, nano materials used across the industries: Auto, Aero, Consumer goods, ...
  • Keynote speakers presenting material characterization needs for biomedical applications (e.g. orthopedic implants)
  • Digimat complementary solutions with CAE partners
  • 1-day training on Digimat 4.1.1 capabilities divided in 2 sessions: material and structural engineering
We thank all participants, partners and keynote speakers for making this event highly technical and enjoyable.


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Digimat Users' Meeting 2009 - Oct 21-23, Nice (FR) - HighlightsDigimat Users' Meeting 2009 - Oct 21-23, Nice (FR) - Highlights
More than 70 participants - among whom material suppliers, auto and aero OEMs, 1st and 2nd tier suppliers - attended the "Digimat Users' Meeting 2009" from October 21-23 at the Four Point Elysee Palace in Nice, France.

Over 28 presentations - including customers, partners, staff - have revealed how Digimat state-of-the-art material modeling technology addresses today's simulation expectations. Accurate prediction of material behavior, faster and cheapest development processes, light-weighted parts, efficient and innovative materials is now possible with Digimat.

In a highly technical and friendly atmosphere, we provided information about:
  • Digimat applications for a wide range of materials and industries
  • Best practices and new capabilities in Digimat 4.0
  • Complementary solutions with CAE partners for an accurate prediction of the material behavior
  • 1-day training session on Digimat 4.0 
e-Xstream like to thank all participants and sponsors for attending and supporting the event!

Download Digimatum09 agenda      

Digimat Users' Meeting 2008 - Nov 26-28, Brussels (BE) - HighlightsDigimat Users' Meeting 2008 - Nov 26-28, Brussels (BE) - Highlights
The first edition of the Digimat Users' Meeting gathered over 70 engineers, PhDs and students coming from major European companies and universities to share their experience in material modeling and learn more about Digimat state-of-the-art nonlinear multi-scale material modeling technology.

At this year’s conference we delivered information on:
  • The release of Digimat 3.2
  • Digimat-MX new software module coming in 4.0
  • General capabilities of Digimat for nanocomposites modeling, RVE generation...
Download Digimatum08 agenda

Attendees Testimonials
Attendees Testimonials

'Engineers concerned about accurate modeling of material behavior, weight saving, fiber reinforced polymers behavior prediction were at Digimatum08, because it's where it happens. Digimatum08 revealed that a new field of simulation is growing on the market due to many expectations. Digimatum09 will be hopefully a step forward.' Olivier Moulinjeune, Advanced CAE Manager, Rhodia Polyamide Engineering Plastics.

'Great meeting to get in contact with state of the art simulation techniques and their users.' Tobias Schmidt, CAE Engineer, SGL Technologies GmbH.

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Ms Mira Toth
Marketing & Communication Specialist
Email: mira.toth@e-Xstream.com
Phone: +352 2617 6607
Fax: +352 2617 6612
The material modeling conference
Venue 2013: Crowne Plaza Li�ge
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